Outdoor experiences and wild adventures await your student travel group in Phoenix, Arizona. With a sprawling metropolis, memorable museums and dozens of resorts, Phoenix does not seem like a desert town. But it is, in fact, settled into a valley in the Sonoran Desert, surrounded by cactus-covered mountains and peaks. Phoenix provides the perfect setting for an exciting and insightful school field trip.

Student Travel Attractions in Phoenix

Phoenix Student Travel

The beauty of Phoenix can be enjoyed by all student tours

Phoenix, also known as the Valley of the Sun, has become a popular winter destination due to its ideal weather and world-class resorts and spas. But your school trip will be more interested in the natural landscape, consisting of mountain trails, Native American ruins and exotic wildlife. Douglas MacKenzie, Director of Communications for the Phoenix Conventions and Visitors Bureau says, “Students who visit Phoenix will find fun activities to do during the day and night.  For daytime activities there are many trails and mountains to hike such as Superstition Mountain, which is known for its interesting stories, mystery, Indian lore and tales of lost treasures of gold.”

The Desert Botanical Garden, home to 139 rare plant species, offers student tours around the facility, educating children of all ages on the desert habitat. On Sundays, the Garden has concerts and a picnic lunch for guests to enjoy. For a glance at a thousand-year-old Indian ruin, take your student travel group over to Pueblo Grande Museum Archaeological Park. The museum features guided student tours as well as the opportunity to participate in a simulated excavation of an Indian pit house.

The Heard Museum is a must see for school trips learning about Native American culture. The exhibitions and collections range from historic artifacts to modern art and jewelry. The Heard provides school trips with guided tours and hands-on activities.

The mountains surrounding Phoenix are filled with geological treasures, perfect for a school group eager to learn about the development of the land. Camelback Mountain has numerous hiking trails where your group can witness the beauty of the granite and sandstone. Hiking to the top can be difficult, so your students may want to try shorter hikes, like Bobby’s Rock Trail or Ramada Loop Trail. No matter which hike you go on, the view of the city is worthwhile.

Student Travel Sightseeing Tours in Phoenix

Student Tours in Phoenix Wilderness

Adventure awaits all student travelers in Phoenix!

Cactus Adventures, located at the base of South Mountain, offers guided hiking and biking tours to explore the terrain and various peaks surrounding Phoenix. Trained guides will teach your student tour all about the vegetation, geology and history of the region.

A popular destination Arizona, of course, is the Grand Canyon. For a memorable one-day excursion, book a school field trip with the Grand Canyon Railway. Not only will your students get to enjoy beautiful scenery as they chug along to the canyon, but the train offers a dose of history as well.

If you want to give your student travel group a general overview of Phoenix, book a four-hour bus trip with Gray Line Tours Phoenix. The tour will take your group to local landmarks and briefly describe the city’s history.

Student Performance Venues in Phoenix

Student travel programs offered through performance organizations can book venues around Phoenix to put on shows and concerts. The Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department has armadas, amphitheaters and open picnic areas in most public parks that are available to rent.

Phoenix Downtown

Phoenix Downtown

Desert Botanical Garden features small armadas that can be rented for events, though prices might be a little high for a school trip. Arizona State University has an acclaimed theatre and arts department with numerous facilities available for a variety of performances.

Dining for Student Travel Groups in Phoenix

Arizona’s proximity to the Mexican border brings a strong Latin culture to the area, and that includes the food. Your student travel group can get a taste of Spanish and Mexican style food at numerous locations around the city. Try Lola Tapas for a nice dinner with your group, or stop by Panne Bianco for an on-the-go bite. El Bravo is a small but popular Mexican restaurant perfect for entertaining a school field trip after a long day of sightseeing. For Native American Cuisine, head to Fry Bread House in downtown phoenix, where fried bread is a staple in every menu item—the Indian Taco is a house favorite.

Student Accommodations in Phoenix

Since Phoenix is such a popular resort destination, many of the accommodations in the area are upscale and not as student friendly. Of the 390 hotels in the area, your best options for booking school trips are Best Western or Days Inn. Both chain hotels, especially Best Western, have many locations around the city, keeping your crew close to the action. Reasonable group rates and a complimentary continental breakfast are available through either hotel.

If you are looking for a hotel with a local feel rather than a chain, try Grace Inn. The downtown resort offers quality rooms at a decent price, and the location is ideal for getting to your various student tours and activities.

Phoenix, Arizona combines Native American heritage, Western culture and modern innovation. Student travel groups can benefit from not only the distinctive museums and attractions, but also the unparalleled geography of the region.