There’s plenty of field trip ideas in history-cloaked Virginia for students of all ages to experience and enjoy, while also learning from the educational experiences

Virginia attractions are steeped in a millennia-old historical tapestry that plays a significant role in the genesis of our nation. Among the original 13 colonies, Virginia wielded substantial influence during the American Revolution, which culminated in the triumphant quest for American independence. Field trips to the Old Dominion State will help students uncover the mysteries of Virginia and our country. Flourishing plantations entwined in the complex history of slavery add to Virginia’s intriguing and somewhat vexing origin story. Field trips to these Virginia attractions will pique wonder and curiosity in visitors of all ages.

Field trip ideas for Virginia:

  • Jamestown Settlement & American Revolution Museum at Yorktow
  • George Washington’s Mount Vernon
  • Black History Museum and Cultural Center
  • Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts
  • Fredericksburg Art Museum
  • Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center
  • Mariners’ Museum and Park
Jamestown field trip ideas
Photo of Jamestown Settlement Lord of Misrule

Virginia History & Heritage Field Trip Ideas

With so much rich history throughout Virginia, the state offers numerous cultural experiences via museums, historical sites and living history opportunities. Field trip groups heading to the Jamestown Settlement & American Revolution Museum at Yorktown can explore America’s first colony at the Jamestown Settlement through guided tours highlighting the town’s story. While there, students can glimpse a replica Papahegh town, a colonial fort with 1607 ships and Powhatan Indian and West African cultures. Or tour the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown and discover the hardships of life during a contentious time in history. These are great opportunities to experience an educational field trip through an immersive experience.

No Virginia field trip would be complete without visiting the home of our first president. George Washington’s Mount Vernon is a monumental estate giving visitors an intimate look into our nation’s most revered leader’s life and his actions that led to America’s freedom. Ascertain how George Washington taught the American people that they could govern themselves. Walk the grounds that he and his wife, Martha, did so long ago. Peruse the many authentic outbuildings and gardens still preserved today. Tour his restored 1799 showcase mansion and experience what plantation wealth looked like in each of the authentic rooms full of antique artifacts.

Field trips to Virginia aren’t complete without visiting the Black History Museum and Cultural Center in Richmond. Uncover stories of slavery, marvel at statement art pieces and learn important moments on the timeline of Black history.

At the National Museum of the United States Army in Fort Belvoir, students can step into the boots of U.S. Army soldiers with immersive exhibits. Founding father George Mason was the architect of the Virginia Declaration of Rights, which served as the basis for the U.S. Bill of rights.

Step out of your classroom and into 18th century Virginia to explore the challenge of life in colonial and revolutionary Virginia with an on-site field trip to George Mason’s Gunston Hall, a short ride from Mount Vernon. Gunston Hall has specially designed programs for all ages and offers plenty of classroom resources. No Virginia field trip would be complete without visiting the home of our first president.

Performing Arts field trip idea in Virginia
Wolf Trap Nation Park for the Performing Arts

Performing Arts Field Trips in Virginia

A must-visit performing arts venue is the American Shakespeare Center Blackfriars Playhouse in historic Staunton. Step back in time to the world’s only life-size replica of Shakespeare’s original indoor theater. Field trip groups can admire the ornate details of the set and the period-appropriate intricacies while taking in a period-piece.

Check out the Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts in Vienna for a stunning experience. Student groups can engage in fun and exciting performances both online and in person with handouts provided for educators and parents. The venue promotes live music, theater performances and other unique forms of the arts.

Arts & Culture Places to Visit

Field trips to the Alexandria Archaeology Museum will captivate groups with an immersive cultural experience. Delve into the scientific study of our human past through excavation exhibits like “A Community Digs Its Past: The Lee Street Site.” As one of the most unique Virginia attractions, junior archaeologists can get their hands dirty learning.

Speaking of which, learning through play is the motto of the Children’s Museum of Richmond. Field trips here fuel curiosity, teach fundamental life skills and foster language development, all while playing. Groups will participate in 30-45 minutes of hands-on activities with literary and art components.

Another cultural adventure can be found at the Fredericksburg Art Museum (FAM). Students have opportunities to make personal connections to the rich history and events of Virginia. The collection spans over 10,000 years of history and features artifacts and stories from pivotal moments. Included are Black Lives Matter posters, African American art from local artists and other native relics. Aside from various programs, they curate field trips to coincide with academic needs and preferences.

Virginia museum field trip ideas
Virginia Beach Surf Rescue Museum

Virginia STEM Field Trip Ideas

When your school group visits the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center in Virginia Beach, students can immerse in many STEM programs focusing on marine life and other native flora and fauna of the region, making this another great field trip idea in Virginia. Get hands-on and discover ocean collections and diverse animal species, and quell curiosities about Mother Nature. Young scientists can learn about things like invertebrates of the Chesapeake Bay, fish anatomy, sharks in the deep and many more exciting topics. The aquarium also offers an array of virtual programs for Pre-K students through high school bringing the sea into the classroom.

Inspire your pupils at the Science Museum of Virginia showcasing many touring exhibits from around the world. Experience live astronomy presentations, get creative in the Art Lab and wow your class in The Dome, the world’s most technologically advanced digital dome theater.

How about a free virtual field trip to the NASA Wallops Flight Facility Visitor Center located on the eastern shores of Virginia? Take your class to Mars or the moon to explore life-sustaining possibilities or learn how NASA uses robotic spacecraft in space and planet exploration.

Marine & Aquatic Adventures in Virginia

Immerse in captivating stories of maritime warriors who risked their lives for freedom, battling wild seas and living to tell their harrowing tales. The Mariners’ Museum and Park in Newport News also showcases a 550-acre expanse offering the idyllic and award-winning Noland Trail encompassing scenic Mariners’ Lake. The museum provides many group experiences curated for all ages to learn about maritime culture. Exhibits include small craft from around the world, handcrafted model boats, maritime art, rare figureheads and a cultural film. Guided tours for field trips include Museum Highlights, American Civil War, African Americans’ Presence in the Maritime World and Women’s Roles in Maritime History.

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