Having done most of the heavy lifting in your student trip planning, your departure date is imminently close. Now’s the time to schedule a final meeting with students and parents to confirm all your trip details, review what to pack and what not to pack, and answer any last minute questions about the itinerary, departure times, roommate assignments, spending money and so forth. If possible, have all chaperones available at this meeting so both parents and kids can get comfortable with their trip leaders.

Before this meeting, review emergency contact lists for each participant on your trip so you can acquire this information during the meeting. On the reverse side, make sure all parents have instructions of how to contact you, your tour operator or other trip leaders should something arise immediately before the trip, or they need to reach their child during the tour.

You will also need to find out if any student has medical issues or allergies that can affect their participation. This is best done in writing, on a form you pass out to the group. (Keep this paperwork with you throughout the tour.)

Special Considerations for International Student Travel

If you’re venturing overseas, be sure your students have current passports (you will want to photocopy them), that you’ve made arrangements in advance for current conversions, so students have spending money once they hit the ground and that you’ve provided resources for them to purchase chargers for those all-important cell phones, hair dryers and other must-have electronics.

Speaking of cell phones, the use of them away from U.S. soil is often prohibitively expensive, based of course on their carrier and plan. Urge them to speak with their parents to make accommodations if they want to be able to use their data plan overseas.

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