Houmas House and Gardens beautifully honors the southern estates of times gone by

Located between New Orleans and Baton Rouge, Houmas House and Gardens is a beautiful historic estate featuring lush gardens and a beautiful mansion. In Louisiana, plantations are a popular attraction for visitors, and that’s especially true of Houmas House.

Inside the historic Houmas House

Meticulously restored to the antebellum era, Houmas House reflects the opulence and wealth the sugarcane farm boasted during the 1880s. Set on 38 acres of the South’s most stunning gardens, Houmas House offers tours that lead visitors through the 250-year architectural evolution of the mansion and details how a succession of owners and the Mississippi River grew this manor house to today’s grand estate. Rare and period artwork and artifacts are displayed and used to explain plantation life, while guides in period dress provide further insights into its unique history and story.

Houmas House Gardens

Once sprawling over 300,000 acres, Houmas House has survived wars, floods, abandonment and the test of time. Spend the day or night and experience the Antebellum South. Houmas House Estate and Gardens is the Crown Jewel of Louisiana’s River Road. Additionally, three restaurants offer breakfast, lunch and dinner featuring the finest Louisiana cuisine. The history lessons continue in the gift shop, which features gifts ranging from souvenirs to cookbooks to high-end gifts and art.

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