Explore the most important body of water in the U.S. at the Great River Road Museum

Located on the grounds of Louisiana’s Houmas House, a beautiful historic estate featuring lush gardens and a restored mansion, The Great River Road Museum offers an in-depth look at what early life along the lower Mississippi was truly like. From the wealthy owners of sugar empires to the humble lives of the enslaved, this museum details how each lived and survived by this powerful river. Considered to be the most important body of water in the U.S., the Mississippi River was the main contributor to the physical and economic growth of what was to become The United States of America.

The Great River Road Museum

This unique museum sets its purpose from the get-go with an entrance reminiscent of a massive steamboat paddle wheel and into an experience of 1800s-era steamboat grandeur. Inside the museum, visitors will find exhibits on historic maps of the river, displays about river folklore and information about commerce on the Mississippi and the passenger travel via steamboats that brought entertainment to stops up and down the river. The Great River Road Museum educates visitors about life on the Mississippi, exploring the culture, commerce, folklore and music. Once you’ve completed your visit, save time to walk across the bridge located in the parking lot to enjoy sweeping views of the Mississippi River and the surrounding landscape.

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