London is a place where many teachers would love to take their students. It’s historic, it’s beautiful, it’s unique, but unfortunately, it’s very expensive! London can be a place that will drain your travel funds quickly if you don’t make smart informed decisions, and for student groups, it’s important to be money smart. This quick tip student guide to London will ensure that you get the most out of your trip without breaking the bank.


It’s fun to plan your trip around London, but a lot of people don’t factor in how they’re going to travel from one landmark to the other. If you don’t have access to a motorcoach, the best and cheapest way to travel around London is the London Underground. Avoid taxi companies will try to charge you more than the average fare and take you on a longer route once they realize you’re not a local. In contrast, the London Underground has set prices and if you’re sticking to zones 1 and 2 (which is where the main attractions are), you can travel from as little as £2.40 during certain times.


The main reason that people visit London is to see all of the famous sites, landmarks and museums. The good news is that most of these sites are actually free to enter! Museums and galleries are often free to enter apart from special exhibitions which require paying for and, depending on its popularity, booking in advance. For art groups, The National Gallery and Tate and Tate Modern galleries are the perfect free to enter day out. If your group is focused on history, the British Museum and Victoria and Albert Museum have beautiful exhibitions from a wide range of historical eras. Science lovers aren’t left out either – check out the Natural History Museum for an amazing trip into the Jurassic era. As well as the museums, you can check out Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament completely free.

Places to Eat in London

A key part to every trip is finding great places to eat, and when you’re in London, some of these great places can cost an eyewatering amount of money, but don’t worry! There are plenty of places to eat in London that are student budget friendly without sacrificing the quality and taste of their food. A great place to eat in London is Neds Noodle Bar. Offering in restaurant dining and also delivery, Neds Noodle Bar has a great variety of noodle and rice dishes, and they also offer some fantastic desserts for low prices!

If you want to eat somewhere where you can find unique food, then make sure you check out Camden Market. With food suitable for meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans, you’ll be sure to find exactly what you’re looking for at a reasonable price for students. If you want a unique experience, there are tons of  quirky restaurants to visit that will make your trip unforgettable, as you can’t find them anywhere else in the world.

London is a very expensive city, but it’s well worth the visit! It’s entirely possible to explore the city on a student’s budget and still visit all major landmarks, whilst making the most of the amazing food and sights that the city has to offer.