Discover the many joys of Colorado’s history—from a historic trading post to a museum of the Ute tribes

As states go, Colorado goes deep when it comes to creating interesting opportunities that connect people to its past. Need proof?
Enter History Colorado, a charitable organization created in 1879 to help people understand what it means to be a Coloradan via its powerful stories, treasured memories and vibrant communities.

Colorado Ute Tribe

Take, for instance, the El Pueblo History Museum, which showcases the region’s many cultural and ethnic groups through innovative exhibits. There’s the El Pueblo Trading Post, which includes a re-created 1840s adobe trading post and plaza, and the archaeological excavation site of the original 1842 El Pueblo trading post which remains open to this day.

Designed in consultation with three Ute tribes, the Ute Indian Museum celebrates the history and living culture of Colorado’s longest continuous residents. Featuring one of the most extensive collections of Ute ethnological objects, the museum strives to make connections between past and contemporary Ute life as well as the history of their adaptation and persistence.

Colorado Ute Pottery

The History Colorado Center offers public programs, events and educational programs. Designed for multi-generational audiences, the museum features interactive elements in the majority of its more than 15+ exhibits that span four floors. Like Colorado itself, the museum is always evolving with new exhibitions and displays that continue to tell the stories of the Centennial State.

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