From an anti-gravity room and vortex tunnel to kaleidoscopes galore, Philadelphia’s Museum of Illusions is a wonderful playhouse for the mind

Located in Old City Philadelphia, walking distance to some of the city’s instantly recognizable attractions, the Museum of Illusions offers more than 60 visual brain teasers and optical tricks in its 5,000-square-foot space that never fail to bring out smiles from those who experience them as well as numerous post on social media.

Museum of Illusions Clone Table

Take, for instance, the Infinity Room, a multisensory experience that lives up to its name and then some by creating the illusion of infinite space. Or if defying gravity is more your thing, the Anti-gravity Room will be right up your alley and will have you questioning everything you’ve learned or know about physics.

Not a physics fan? Try sizing up your friends in another eye-fooling room. The Ames Room offers a unique perspective of the world as visitors appear to grow and shrink as they walk from one corner of the room to the other.

More laws of depth perception appear to be broken with The Beuchet Chair Illusion. Give your brain a rest with the Head on the Platter exhibit, which is exactly as it sounds minus the gruesome stuff.

Museum of Illusions Turn Tables

While all these intriguing illusions are terrific on their own, it’s the Museum of Philadelphia’s ability to sneak in some science into the fun that teachers will appreciate the most. Each illusion is designed to provide the learning behind the mechanics of the experience — “edutainment,” anyone? — with accompanying wall placards explaining all the magic, whether it’s an immersive room, optical illusion, stereogram or hologram.

Education and plenty of Instagrammable moments? Sounds like a win-win for everyone.

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