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Discover Kaleidoscopes Adventures

Discover Kaleidoscopes Adventures

Student Travel Made Easy with Kaleidoscope Adventures

Kaleidoscope Adventures is a full-service student trip planner specializing in performance and educational travel. Since 1993, KA has been the catalyst for more than 275,000 life-changing student travel experiences with an eye for crafting trips that are fresh and fun.

KA prides itself on providing impeccable customer service to 40+ domestic and international student-friendly destinations. Online registration and payments, convenient crowdfunding options, and an expert team make planning a trip simple and efficient.

Additionally, Kaleidoscope Adventures prioritizes safety and well-being with the highest standards for its partners, clearly communicated emergency procedures, highly trained and experienced staff, and post-departure travel protection for each traveler.

KA is also working hard to promote sustainable travel opportunities for clients. The team is committed to supporting destination volunteerism, local commerce, and eco-friendly transportation and accommodations. If a smaller footprint is an important part of your itinerary, the KA team will make it happen.

With some 26+ years of industry experience, Kaleidoscope Adventures provides quality trips for students.

With some 26+ years of industry experience, Kaleidoscope Adventures provides quality trips for students.

Finally, Kaleidoscope Adventures believes that all students deserve the opportunity to explore the world as part of a well-rounded education. Travel is proven to positively impact academic and social performance. Kids who travel have a stronger sense of their place in the world, are more respectful of others, and adapt more readily to new situations.

As part of this philosophy, KA offers a partial or full travel scholarship for qualified students as part of its Stellar Student program.

Kaleidoscope Adventures is a trusted planning partner with more than 30 years of student travel insight. A dedicated team of planning experts works directly with clients from start to finish to ensure that each trip is an adventure.  It’s travel beyond expectations!