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Favorite European Venues for Student Performance Groups

Favorite European Venues for Student Performance Groups

We asked Adele Youngs from Live Travel and Tours, a specialist in student performance groups for her top three performance places for student groups visiting Europe. “It’s difficult to narrow down as each group has its preferences” Adele said. “But, if pushed, I would say St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, Classe-orchestre Marseilles in France and the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Dublin, Ireland.” Here’s a synopsis of what student performance groups will experience.

St Paul’s Cathedral, London

Performance possibilities are extremely limited, and it’s only suitable for choirs, but as a venue it’s hard to think of anywhere in the world more inspiring or impressive. The enormous dome creates incredible acoustics and, in terms of finding inspiration as you sing, I don’t think the interior can be beaten in any great cathedral.


Classe-orchestre Marseilles, France

– As a company, we work with a number of charities that promote music to those who can significantly benefit from being exposed to it and who otherwise wouldn’t have access to it. The classe-orchestre (orchestra-class) that we work with in a school in Marseilles is a special project for children from underprivileged families who would usually have little access to culture. They take part in a 3-year musical programme and learn how to play an instrument individually – and in an orchestra. Their enthusiasm and the welcome they give to our groups that perform there for them is truly special and is always a highlight of any tour.

St Patrick’s Day Parade, Dublin, Ireland

There is very little to match with the experience of marching and performing in the St Patrick’s Day Parade in Dublin! It attracts huge audiences in Dublin and on TV, and the atmosphere is incredible. We usually have one or two groups performing there each year and it’s a highlight for all of us involved.

band at Dublin St Patricks Parade