Discuss the horrors and heroism of 9/11 and experience the memorial in-person or virtually

On September 11, 2001, the courageous actions of 40 passengers and crew members on United Flight 93 prevented a terrorist attack on the U.S. Capitol during one of the darkest days in American history. Those heroes are forever honored at the Flight 93 National Memorial, a protected area located near Shanksville and overseen by the National Parks Service. The memorial’s stark, minimal design is intended to prompt reflection, and visitors are encouraged to walk through preserved natural areas with hope for the future.

After learning more about the historic ramifications of 9/11 at the Visitor Center, groups step on a black granite walkway through stark concrete Portal Walls that draw the eye skyward and have the timeline of Flight 93 etched on their surface. Once passing through, groups can view the crash site, marked by a 17-ton sandstone boulder, the hemlock grove and the Wall of Names that honors the passengers and crew. Visitors can also admire the Tower of Voices (a monumental structure that contains 40 wind chimes) and walk along the Allée to see beautiful native species such as white pine, black cherry and sugar maple. 

If your school group is visiting in-person, a park ranger can lead students through the park to discuss the design of the memorial, the timeline of events on 9/11 and the environmental initiatives taken to preserve rural Pennsylvania’s natural pollinators. The Friends of Flight 93 has also developed educational activities that engage students in grade levels 4-14 and to continue to share the story of Flight 93. These activities include a lesson on the story of Flight 93 followed by short, mini-activities that can be either paper-based or digital. They also offer comprehensive Google Classroom modules that contain multimedia presentations and lesson plans for a virtual experience. Virtual Classroom Walk 93 is another good educational option for remove educators. This immersive experience integrates video and the written word to expose students to 9/11 history, environmental initiatives taken throughout the memorial and the stores of Flight 93 heroes. 

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