When you are young is certainly one of the best times to travel. You have freedom and time on your side, and you can get out there and explore as much of the world as you can afford. Travelling has even become more affordable for students recently, thanks to AirBnbs, hostels, and discount hotels in pretty much every destination worldwide. Some destinations, however are cheaper than others, making them the perfect choice for students looking to travel on a budget.

When you’re at a college or university, you’re probably not bringing in a huge amount of money – plus the only free time you have to travel is outside of school semesters, when it’s well known that the price of flights and accommodation can rise. If you’re dead-set on travelling as much as you can as a student, here are some options to consider when it comes to funding it.

Ask Your Parents

If your parents are always encouraging you to travel, then speak to them about your plans and see whether or not they would be willing to help you fund it. If they are already planning on funding something else for you, like buying you a car or even buying you a Christmas present, then ask them whether they would be willing to fund your next trip instead.

Try a Student Exchange Program

Student exchange programs are a fantastic way to see more of the world – and the best part is that you will usually have the majority of expenses covered for you. Speak to your college or university to see what they offer in terms of exchange or study abroad programs. You may be able to spend a term or even a year studying at a university overseas.


Another popular option for students who want to travel is voluntary work. While it’s not completely a holiday as you’ll be working while you’re there, it’s a great way to visit another country on the cheap and you will have plenty of time off too, where you can get out and do touristy stuff and see the sights. Usually your accommodation will be provided, so that’s one less thing to worry about.

Travel in a Group

If you’ve got a little bit of money coming in and want to put as much as you can towards travel, then it might be worth getting a group together and pooling your finances. Travelling with a group can be a good way to save money as you can split the cost of expenses like accommodation or food, working out much cheaper than going on your own or with just one friend.

Borrow Money

Finally, if all else fails, then you might want to look into borrowing money, although it’s important to be careful and make sure that you will definitely be able to make any repayments on time. Sites like BingoLoans offer short-term cash loans that can help you cover travel expenses, and you can repay it on your next payday – an ideal option if you’re planning to work during the summer but want to break it up with a trip.

Where will you travel next?