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4 U.S. Cities with the Great Museums

4 U.S. Cities with the Great Museums

No matter where you visit in the United States, your students will always find something new to learn. Many of America’s cities are full of museums and galleries to entertain groups of all ages, but a few places in particular stand out from the rest. Experience science, history, culture, and more in these U.S. cities with the best museums.

Washington, D.C.

From education to entertainment, the capital of the United States is a treasure trove for student groups. The world-famous Smithsonian Institution covers natural history, space exploration, and everything in between. Groups can also explore the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, the National Gallery of Art, or any of the historic memorials and landmarks scattered throughout the city.

New York City

New York City has always been a cultural hub, and it’s easily one of the U.S. cities with the best museums. There’s even a Museum Mile—a stretch along 5th Avenue that’s overflowing with galleries and museums. See some of the world’s most iconic art pieces in the Metropolitan Museum of Art or The Guggenheim.


The entire state of Colorado is home to some extraordinary museums, but its capital city has the most must-see locations, from the Molly Brown House Museum to the History Colorado Center. Denver also presents a golden opportunity for learning about the American West. Visiting groups can also check out the massive collection at the Forney Museum of Transportation or marvel at the interactive experiences at the Denver Art Museum.

New Orleans

Mardi Gras isn’t the only reason to visit New Orleans. A melting pot of culture, New Orleans houses impressive collections at the Louisiana State Museum and the New Orleans Museum of Art. For something truly unique, groups can also spend a day at the Backstreet Cultural Museum. Here you’ll find artifacts, costumes, art, and other memorabilia displaying New Orleans’ rich African American culture and history.