When you travel, it can be easy to assume that any routines you have in your ‘real life’ don’t count anymore and can be abandoned. Although this might be fun for a short while, and spontaneity is often at the heart of every successful trip, trying to stick to your routines when you can is important. People work best when they have routines in place, and if you want to make the most of your time traveling, routines are going to be crucial. Read on to find out how you can stick to your routines when you travel so you can have a successful, enjoyable, and memorable trip.


Trying to stick to a sleep routine can be difficult if you find yourself in a different time zone, but remember this confusion will only last for a couple of days, and you should be able to acclimatize yourself fairly soon after you arrive.

One thing you can do that will certainly help is to stick to a chosen bedtime. Assuming you’re not going out partying every night, finding a bedtime that works for you and allows you to get enough sleep so that you aren’t too tired during the day to enjoy yourself will work wonders. If you know what time you want to get up each morning, you can work back from there to determine exactly when you should be going to sleep (around seven to eight hours before you want to get up).


If you’ve traveled in the past, you’ll know just how tempting it can be to eat unhealthily. You’ll tell yourself you’re on a trip and it doesn’t matter if you eat poorly. The problem is, it does matter. Although it’s great to treat yourself, and you should treat yourself, it’s all about moderation, so the occasional ‘bad’ meal should be countered by healthy meals as much of the time as possible.

One way to help yourself is to keep healthy snacks with you. If you go out on an excursion and start to feel hungry, you can enjoy those snacks so that, by the time any mealtime comes around you don’t overeat. You must also drink as much as you can. Sometimes a feeling of hunger can actually be dehydration, and if you continue to sip on water throughout the day, your body won’t give you any false alarms.

If you are someone who is prone to forgetting to eat while on vacation, one way to ensure you stick to your daily food routine is to book meals out. Don’t worry about this adding up in terms of cost. You can source some great extra holiday deals when booking your trip. You can make this routine a more memorable experience by taking advantage of these deals and heading to some of the top cuisine locations wherever you are on vacation.


You might think you’re going to be ‘allowed’ to stop exercising for a little while and just relax and maybe do nothing at all (it will depend on what your travel plans are going to involve).

However, by not sticking to your exercise routine or at least a part of it, you’ll find it very hard to get back into it when you go home again. If that happens, your entire exercise plan could be destroyed, and this can lead to some unhealthy habits forming.

If possible, try to find accommodation that has a gym for guests to use, and go there as often as you would at home. Otherwise, make sure you go out for a run or a walk at the same time as you would at home. Exercise is one thing that you can’t put on the back burner.