You want to provide your students with a once-and-a-lifetime experience they’ll remember forever—why not explore the idyllic Pacific Northwest on kayaks? These are the best kayaking trips in the Pacific Northwest to visit.

Lake Wenatchee, Washington

Glacier-fed Lake Wenatchee is a strikingly gorgeous lake tucked in the heart of the Cascades, three hours east of Seattle. The location is prime because it sees far more sunny days than rainy ones, making it one of the finest spots in the Pacific Northwest to explore.

You won’t be the only ones on the lake, because the entire Wenatchee Valley is a hot spot for outdoor activities. However, the 5-mile-long lake has plenty of room to let you find some peace. Lake Wenatchee has a maximum depth of 244 feet, making it ideal for boats, if that’s more your jam. Otherwise, enjoy calmer waters along the shore—which are lovely for introducing kayaking to novices—and take in the serenity of it all.

Clear Lake, Oregon

One of the most incredible spots to kayak worldwide, Clear Lake is one of the purest lakes in the Cascades. The breathtaking water is virtually transparent, with visibility reaching upwards of 200 feet in some spots. The lake formed its distinctive underwater forest look after a volcanic eruption. Your students will fall in love with this natural beauty, especially when they locate Mount Hood towering majestically on the horizon. Paddlers will enjoy a quiet setting without motorized boats on Clear Lake, which protects the amazing water quality.

Sawtooth Mountains, Idaho

Disregarding Idaho as a Pacific Northwest destination due to its lack of proximity to the shore isn’t unusual. Nevertheless, the rugged Sawtooth Mountains are some of Idaho’s hidden treasures. Located in central Idaho, the mountains include multiple alpine lakes with crystal-clear water.

Because of its natural beauty, Redfish Lake is undoubtedly the most favored among paddlers. Although it’s a notably chilly lake, it’s also shallow and wonderfully clean. A small beach and campgrounds are available, and the Redfish Lake Lodge Marina offers kayak and paddleboard rentals.

Pettit Lake is another excellent area if you’re seeking a quieter spot. It’s not far from Redfish Lake, but it’s far less crowded and just as lovely. You may launch from a modest beach area and a day-use facility.

Planning a trip to the best kayaking trips in the Pacific Northwest will entertain the masses—especially a group of youngsters that enjoys a beautiful landscape. Finding something everyone will enjoy can be challenging, but kayaking seems to fit the bill.