Taking students on a road trip of any length fills most teachers and administrators with anxiety. Kids are unpredictable; you never know what they’ll want to do or what issues may arise. Knowing the best things to do while on a road trip can help you prepare for when students get bored. Keep these tricks up your sleeve in case your students get antsy.

Sing Songs

Singing in the car is a tradition, and the same is true in a van or bus. Even listening to music while on a road trip can help pass the time. Your students may have a repertoire of songs they like to sing. Or they may ask you to turn on the radio so that they can sing along to whatever plays.

Tell Stories

Storytelling passes the time, and young students will be especially interested in hearing unique stories. Theme your narratives around the place you’re all going. Tell spooky ghost stories if you’re visiting an apple orchard around Halloween, or tell nautical tales if you’re visiting a beach or naval base.

Pro Tip: Better than telling the stories yourself is letting a professional do it. Turn on a podcast or audiobook for students to listen to.

Get Crafty

Depending on your group, students may enjoy a relaxing craft to fill the time between point A and point B. Students are likely to stay in their seats if they have something to fill their hands and occupy their minds. You can buy needlepoint kits for extra long trips and materials for friendship bracelets for shorter rides.

Play a Game

Road trip games are the best part of traveling in groups. For students, it may be the most memorable part of their journey. You can suggest games, but don’t hesitate to let them play a few of their own. In addition to that one where you get truckers to honk their horns, some quintessential road trip games include:

  • I-Spy
  • Road Trip BINGO
  • The Alphabet Game
  • The License Plate Game

Have Snacks

Unless you’re only traveling an hour or two, bring snacks. Don’t expect students to bring their own treats. Even if you send reminders to parents to pack food, you may have a student who forgets or doesn’t have the means to bring a substantial snack. You can offer a variety of options that meet everyone’s needs while allowing students to bring additional food if they choose to.

Getting your trip started off right is the key to its success. The best thing to do while on a road trip with your students is to let them have fun. Whether they want to play games, sing, or tell stories, let them pass the time in a safe and memorable way. They only get to be kids once, and your job is to ensure that their experiences are as positive as possible.