When you’re traveling with large groups of students, flexibility and economy are your top priorities. Everyone must be on the same page for safety reasons, and a lot of luggage might slow down your group, not to mention add significant expenditures to flights. Learn some of the best packing tips for traveling with only carry-on luggage to avoid the long lines and extra fees.

Choose the Right Bag

Having the right carry-on bag can be the difference between comfortably fitting all your essentials and having to leave things behind. Backpacks with sizable storage space are the most convenient when you’re hopping from location to location, while rolling suitcases are easier to move to and from the airport. Check with the airlines for the exact dimensions and weight they will accept before taking your bag with you, as you’ll need to check your bag—at an additional fee—if it’s too big.

Create a Checklist

Since you’ll be traveling light, you will need to stick to the essentials and bring clothing you can wear multiple times. Try packing wardrobe items that you can mix and match easily so that you always have a wearable combination. Look for just one or two easy-to-pack entertainment options, like books or tablets, to keep you occupied during the flight. Lastly, you want to grab travel-sized options for toiletries like deodorant and toothpaste that will pass through a security check.

Check the Weather

Your destination can dictate what’s essential and non-essential for your trip. For sunny locations, you may want to ensure you have a hat skillfully tucked away in your carry-on, along with sunglasses and collapsible water bottles that fit comfortably inside your bag. When the climate is much colder, emphasize layers and wear bulkier articles of clothing, such as jackets and sweaters, onto the plane to avoid needing a checked-in bag.

Look Into Personal Item Guidelines

Many airlines allow you to bring a smaller, personal item on board with you in addition to your overhead carry-on bag. Check your airline’s policies to see whether they allow an added personal item and, if so, what size it can be. Choose a personal item that you can employ during the day throughout your vacation, such as a compact backpack, messenger bag, or laptop bag. These are perfect for carrying smaller items like wallets and electronics that may not fit your average carry-on.

Share these best packing tips for traveling with only carry-on luggage with your students to help them make their own packing decisions. The fewer check bags you have in your group, the more efficient your travels will be.