Whether you’re an educator leading a field trip or a student organizing your peers, there is a lot to consider when planning ground transportation. If this is your first time planning a group trip or if you’re looking for a more cost-effective, efficient and organized plan, this guide will help you plan student bus transportation for your field trip and ensure that your students complete their itinerary in a fun and safe way

Choosing the Right Vehicle for Your Trip

Chartering a bus is a budget-friendly way of transporting groups of various sizes. It also allows you more control over your itinerary. Before you choose your bus rental, always ask yourself these three questions:

  1. How long will I be on the road, and what distance am I traveling?

If you are traveling for a long time, the coach bus is the best option. They are nap-friendly with extra leg room and comfortable seats. They also have on-board bathrooms to help you cut down on emergency pit stops. School buses are not recommended for trips longer than 3 hours!

  1. How many people am I traveling with?

If you are traveling a short distance with less than 20 people, the mini-bus is the smallest and most economical option. The mini-coach can accommodate up to 28 passengers and is a more comfortable and only slightly more expensive option than the mini-bus. But if you are traveling with more than 30 people, choose the school bus or the coach.

  1. Does your group need extra luggage space, or audio visual equipment?

Are you bringing along any sports equipment and need extra room? Will you be traveling in a hot climate and need A/C? Do you want the option of entertaining your group with movies or educational material? The coach bus offers the most luxury options. But if you’re keeping things low-cost and looking for that nostalgic summer-camp vibe, book a school bus and enjoy all 99 verses of “Beer on the Wall.”

Remember, the most expensive component of chartering a bus is the driver’s time, so the price does not always vary wildly from a small to a large bus or from a school bus to a luxury coach. It’s best to figure out what you need and pick the bus to suit your wants.

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