Receiving rave reviews from educators around the country, Group Travel Videos™ is an innovative, intuitive app that allows teachers and students alike to share the memories of their group trip. Createdlogin screen by North Carolina-based PhotoVision, the app deploys smartphone technology to make connections easier for all involved. Students can take and share photos through the app, educators to keep track of their pupils’ using GPS and parents back home can experience their child’s adventure from the comfort of home.

Before their journey, participants can download the app on either their mobile device or tablet. Passwords ensure privacy for your students, and reminders from the app seamlessly integrate it with the rest of their phone interface. Users receive the option to join as an administrator, trip participant or well-wisher back home, which will lead to three different experiences. These “passengers” then have the ability to chat using the app’s updated messenger feature.

Once they’ve logged on, students can immediately begin taking photographs and videos through the app and posting them on the account. The assets can be posted on other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook as well as downloaded onto the student’s phone to be saved permanently.

The app is equally engaging for teachers and chaperones who can use the surplus of features to ensure Mapping screena smooth and well-documented school trip experience. Administrators consistently cite the app’s GPS capabilities as their favorite feature, which allows them to keep track of pupils as well as send a group message in case of an emergency or change of plans.

“We always get lots of positive feedback about the geo-tracking feature,” says Photovision founder and president Dave Martinson. “It really enhances the value of the product, and adds a very important safety feature for a school trip administrators really like.”

In addition, a passenger list allows planners to keep track of group members on the platform, and a documents storage folder can secure itineraries, lesson plans and other digital assets from an administrator’s mobile device without the use of a laptop or desktop computer.

Student group travel is all about creating and preserving once-in-a-lifetime experiences. With Message screenPhotoVision’s Group Travel Videos™ app, you can truly capture and share these moments with everyone an educational trip can touch, from students and administrators to friends and family.