As a director, you’re in charge of coordinating several difficult tasks such as booking tickets for transportation, making reservations at hotels and scheduling tours of informative museums. Amid the hustle and bustle of making these taxing plans, it is vital to remember one of the most important parts: reserving a performance venue for your student group’s band, choir, theater or dance recital. It is important that your students feel comfortable and confident at their performance site in order to put forth their best efforts and enjoy themselves. With that, here are our top five performing venues for students in Richmond, Virginia.

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Modlin Center for the Arts

Modlin Center for the Arts . Credit.

If you’re hoping to incorporate a tour of a college town after your students perform, the Modlin Center for the Arts is a perfect fit for you. Located approximately 20 minutes from downtown Richmond, the arts center serves as the home of University of Richmond performers, and was established in 1992 to grow and improve the school’s performing arts program. Spaces available for rent include the Camp Concert Hall, Alice Jepson Theatre, Perkinson Recital Hall, Cousins Studio Theatre and Frederick Rehearsal Hall. The largest of these concert halls, the Camp Concert Hall, can seat approximately 575 guests and is equipped with a 38-by-41-foot stage. The hall is ideal for large musical performances, as it was designed to accommodate instruments’ acoustics and choir harmonies. The Perkinson Recital Hall is a smaller auditorium that is perfect for private events, recitals and rehearsals. Additionally, the hall offers a piano and harpsichord for practices and productions.

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Situated roughly 30 minutes from the Richmond International Airport (RIC), The Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen presents students with the opportunity to experience the arts through firsthand performances. According to its website, the center’s mission is “to inspire and enrich our community by offering exceptional performances, classes and visual arts exhibits.” Since 1999, the center has been doing just that, as it extends its services and facilities to performers in order to develop their passions and further their talent. The center is a multi-purpose venue that is appropriate for varying events, as it presents 12 different options for performance spaces. One space appropriate for any student performance would be the Theater, which comes with a 36-by-30-foot stage and has a seating capacity of 350. As part of the rental plan, the lobby is included for receptions, and tables and chairs are included with the rental.

Never Scream Fire in a Theater

Arranging a show at the Firehouse Theatre will ensure a satisfied student group that is excited to put on a superb performance for their audience. The theater in downtown Richmond was founded in 1993, when five theater performers searched for a place to put on productions and took over the fire department’s Station House #10 after its decommissioning. Since its inception, the theater has been at the core of new and inventive pieces and has showcased the works of upcoming, aspiring playwrights. Under the leadership of current producing artistic director Joel Bassin, the theater has also been able to develop the Firehouse Studio, a place focused on showing works in progress and experimental pieces.

5, 6, 7, 8…

Contrary to the facility’s name, you may not be able to find any dogs at the Dogtown Dance Theatre. However, you will be able to rent a spacious theater for your student group to put on an excellent recital. Just five minutes from downtown across the James River, the theater has been a hub for the creation and showcasing of performance art since 2008. The newly renovated space offers a dance theater available for rent, equipped with a 35-by-30-foot stage and a maximum capacity of 205. The rental package includes use of lighting, technical dress rehearsals and assistance from a box manager. The theater also provides plentiful room for backstage necessities and is perfect for dance recitals, choir performances and other musical events.

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Virginia Repertory Theatre

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Finally, it’s the night of the performance and your students are getting ready to take center stage. Located just seven minutes from the heart of downtown Richmond, the Virginia Repertory Theatre offers several venues for rent that will ensure a seamless performance for your students. The Virginia Repertory Theatre is a non-profit, professional theater company that has been allowing individuals to experience the cultural and educational advantages of the performing arts for over 60 years. The company has shows at the Sara Belle and Neil November Theatre, Theatre Gym and the Children’s Theatre at Willow Lawn, which are all available for rent. All three offer different space capacities to accommodate varying audience sizes, with maximum capacities at 546, 81 and 206 guests respectively. The rental package also includes a front house manager, house technician and security, audio and visual plans to your specifications.