When planning an educational and memorable trip for your students, consider going international; broaden their horizons with a taste of Japanese culture.

One of the best ways to teach kids about different world cultures is to give them an immersive experience. A trip to Japan is a terrific way to demonstrate to your students how Japanese culture differs from their own—and how similar they are, too! Let your kids experience these top five reasons why Japan is awesome; help them embrace their natural curiosity.

Technical Wonders

It’s no secret that many of the cars and high-tech gadgets we use every day were brainstormed and engineered in Japan. From high-speed bullet trains to fancy toilet tech, your students will experience the best of what Japanese ingenuity has to offer.

Friendly People

Japanese culture is known for its politeness. A far cry from the streets of New York City, the locals are generally very friendly and helpful. If you get lost and need directions, you can ask someone on the street, and they’ll point you in the right direction without any judgment.

Tasty Cuisine

Sushi is just one of the many delicious options when looking for Japanese food. Show your students what authentic ramen looks like! Taste some luxurious Kobe beef at its source—Kobe, Japan—and learn about how wagyu beef is made.

Natural Wonders

Paintings and photographs don’t do Japan’s beautiful landscape justice. From mountains and caves to whirlpools and natural hot springs, you and your students will remember those gorgeous views for a lifetime.

Cultural Conversation

You may already be familiar with the mutual fascination between the U.S. and Japan. Americans have latched onto anime, manga, and J-pop music, while Japanese people enjoy cheeseburgers and blue jeans with similar fervor. As your students observe the cultural exchange between East and West, they’ll find that human beings, regardless of nationality, have more similarities than differences.

When planning your next big educational trip, consider Japan as a destination. From the streets of Tokyo to the foot of Mt. Fuji, you’ll find learning opportunities around every corner. Show your students the top five reasons why Japan is awesome and stoke the fire of curiosity!