Traveling to different parts of the world is always an incredible experience, but is especially beneficial to students.

Traveling is more than just seeing the world. People have time to reflect on themselves which results in personal growth. Traveling broadens your horizons and may even create friendships, and definitely memories.

Traveling helps you learn about yourself and the world around you, so you might as well start traveling while you are young. Sophomore student, Julia Dickenson thinks that college is the best time to travel because it is before you have started your career where it is difficult to take time off.

Student Angelique Moore also said that travel is worth the price. When you are older, you will realize what an amazing experience your journey was and will be glad you went. Traveling helps you learn about the world and maybe even learn that you do not know much about it. You will experience different sounds, sights, and new food that you have never tried before.

According to associate professor of foreign language, Rosetta Giuliani-Caponetto, traveling makes students more marketable, and professor of foreign language, Anna Chiafele, says that students come back from trips more confident in themselves. Rachel Perry, lecturer in foreign language, says that traveling makes you more independent. Giuliani-Caponetto, Chiafele and Perry all lead study abroad trips.

Traveling also helps you understand yourself and your purpose in life. Meeting new people and witnessing different lifestyles and cultures help you view people and the world in a different way. You will see how wonderful the world is and want to take care of it. Also, you will find many similarities with the new people you meet and yourself. As a result, you will enjoy and appreciate life more fully.