Purdue University Calumet student, Grace Wilk, was unaware that the pictures she took on a school trip to Paris would end up being displayed in an art gallery.

Wilk is part of the Studying Abroad group at Purdue and had the chance to travel to Paris last summer. Because her teacher for her Advanced Public Relations class stated the importance it was to take pictures, Wilk decided to borrow her friend’s camera for her trip.

The pictures she took ended up in the new art gallery at Purdue, Purdue University Calumet Art Gallery. Before this Paris trip, Wilk really only took pictures on her phone, but with all the amazing sites to see in Paris, Wilk took pictures with the camera and took more pictures than she ever as before.

Over 100 people came to the art gallery during its soft opening. Artwork produced in student art and visual communication classes, will be displayed in the gallery. Outside artists will also display their artwork in the coming future.

Four students total including Wilk went on the Paris trip, and they’re pictures were also displayed in the gallery. Like Wilk, student Erin Lain did not know that her pictures were goin got be presented.

Tom Roach, a communications professor at Purdue, arranged the trip to Paris. He wished to help students by opening the art gallery. He thought it was a good opportunity to help students learn and experience the art. Roach also said that it would help the school in distinguishing their liberal arts department.

Everyone agrees that the new art gallery is a great opportunity for students and the community. The Communication Department is currently organizing new exhibits and events for the future.