SPECIAL SECTION – Big 12 – We spotlight 12 domestic and international cities ideal for student travel

As a teacher or administrator, the last thing on your mind after a summer of relaxation and lesson-planning is the added stress of organizing an out-of-town adventure for your students this school year. As our contributor Lisa Curtin notes numerous times in this issue, a student trip can help develop unexpected friendships, expose students to new cultures and foster leadership skills outside of the classroom setting. If you’re attempting this while maintaining your usual academic workload—don’t worry. Student Travel Planning Guide’s mission is to provide insider tips, itinerary ideas and city profiles that make planning your next student group outing a breeze. Student travel experts, group travel gurus and students themselves have all contributed to this 2019 edition, which comprehensively profiles student-friendly destinations both domestic and abroad and provides invaluable tips to specialized student groups.

This edition’s five features both elaborate on the virtues of student travel and explore locations and events off the beaten path. Student travel expert Lisa Curtin enumerates the virtues of student travel among teenagers, which include assistance with teen depression and the development of leaderships qualities among young adults. We also profile unique student competitions for groups looking beyond the typical Model UN or band camp weekend. These competitions challenge students to use their STEM skills and ability to philosophize, granting them memories that will last a lifetime. If your students attend a private or religious school, we also highlight several international locations ideal for faith-based excursions. From adventures in Israel to reflection in a Himalayan Buddhist temple, these sites can bring a spiritual dimension to your school year.

The meat of our 2019 edition showcases 12 exceptional sites for student travel both domestic and abroad, including historic hotspots such as Washington, D.C. and Williamsburg in addition to hubs for the performing arts such as New York City and Los Angeles. Each profile is conveniently divided into the sections that explore five key areas a student travel planner must consider. The Accommodations section profiles hotels that are both budget-friendly and geographically convenient for students to explore the heart of the city. The Attractions section covers each city’s famous museums and historic areas, while Dining suggests restaurants that highlight each city’s signature cuisine. Bands, chorus groups and theater students will want to read the Performance Venues section, which profiles every city’s historic stages and opportunities to catch a world-class production in person. Finally, the Up-and-Coming section shines a spotlight on the city’s new exhibits and less-celebrated oddities.

This impressive edition would not be possible without the work of our excellent contributing writers and editorial interns, students themselves who have provided invaluable insight during the writing and production of this magazine. Most importantly, we would like to thank you, the reader, for planning educational trips that will have a lifelong impact on our young people. Knowing that committed educators like you are consistently bettering the lives of your students has driven us to make this the most comprehensive Student Travel Planning Guide yet.

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