2020 Student Travel Planning Guide

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2020 Edition

Focus on STEM

This edition of Student Travel Planning Guide seeks to provide a comprehensive overview of STEM field trips across the nation. These city profiles go beyond the typical museums and tours and reveal the accessible STEM experience no classroom can hope to match. From whale watching in Boston to the physics of roller coasters in Los Angeles, you’ll be sure to find a illuminating activity to spark STEM interest in your students and rejuvenate your department.

As well, our front-of-book features showcase observation decks for stunning city views, tech tools offered by industry-leading student travel operators and tips for teachers embarking on their first STEM adventure.

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Feature Articles

Emerging Technology in the Student Travel Sector

See how leading student travel operators are revolutionizing the industry with cutting-edge digital technology.

The Benefits of Student Travel Clubs

Student travel expert Lisa Curtin breaks down the benefits of school trips for both students and educators alike.

6 Exceptional Study Abroad Nations in Europe

Explore picturesque mountainsides, quaint cobblestone villages and bustling industrial cities in an uncommon destination.

Air and Water Show

Observation decks and scenic cruises provide unforgettable views for school groups.


How to prepare your class for an unforgettable STEM adventure.

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