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5 of the Most Sustainable Parks in the U.S.

5 of the Most Sustainable Parks in the U.S.

Teaching students about sustainability and proper green practices? Plan an educational trip to one of the most sustainable parks in the U.S.

Planning an educational trip for your students? Think about taking them to explore some of the most sustainable parks in the U.S. Across the country, there are national, state, and city parks that strive to uphold eco-friendly practices while providing a space for people to gather and enjoy nature. They all uphold the best practices for building a sustainable park, whether that be by allowing the native plants to flourish and keeping as much existing landscaping as possible. Parks like these are an excellent way to teach students the importance of sustainability and protecting the nature we have. Plan a trip to one of these parks—national or otherwise—now!

Glacier National Park

Take the students to Montana to see one of the most beautiful national parks in the country, but also to learn about the different ways this area promotes sustainability. Though Montana has limited services for recyclable materials, they’re still committed to creative solutions for their recycling programs. This park will teach your students the importance of not giving up on finding a way to live sustainably.

Discovery Green Park

Much smaller than its Montanan counterpart, Discovery Green Park in Houston is 11.78-acres of green. The public urban park is full of green lawns, dog runs, lakes, eco-friendly art displays, playgrounds, and sustainable buildings. Park managers follow through with organic gardening and landscaping methods, and there’s even an on-site recycling center. This park will show students how even urban parks can follow sustainable practices and help the environment. You can find more about why Discovery Green is green, here!

Denali National Park

If your school can swing a trip to Alaska, then a visit to Denali National Park should be at the top of your list. They’re committed to being a green park by reducing energy and water consumption, creating eco-friendly buildings, and promoting educational courses on climate change. There are 6 million acres for you and the students to explore and learn about wildlife and sustainable practices.

Eden Park

186 acres of beauty is found in Cincinnati, Ohio. Since its conception, the park has been going green, with a pilot solar and wind energy project that began in 2006. They have the goal to demonstrate and showcase the effectiveness of using renewable energy to power city buildings. Students will note solar panels throughout—even solar garbage cans. They strive to preserve the best of the past and carry excellence to the future—it’s a great spot to educate the students.

North Cascades National Park

Found in Seattle, the North Cascades National Park has created an environmental learning center that’s completely green and great for students. They’ll find a rooftop rainwater harvest, green lighting, solar energy, buildings made with recycled goods, and so much more! They’ve pursued environmentally friendly projects for years and strive to make a difference in the education and outreach center, waste reduction, energy use, and transportation.

Looking for a great way to teach the kids about sustainability and proper green practices? Take them to one of the most sustainable parks in the U.S.!