Hit a STEM Home Run Through MLB’s Science Initiatives

October 2, 2019

A visit to your local Major League Baseball ballpark often offers a home run for student groups. Historic stadiums, ample day games and exciting action are a time-honored way to reward students for a job well-done. However, baseball offers much more [...]

Plan Your Next Student Trip in Cincinnati

August 3, 2015

After revisiting my home town of Cincinnati, I discovered a plethora of student group activities that made me want to go back in time to my school days just so I can partake. Cincinnati’s history alone makes it worth visiting, with claims to many [...]

Fascinating Wonders Await Students Visiting Utah

July 31, 2015

There are many remarkable places for students to explore in Utah. But sometimes, the one of the most memorable parts of vacationing is how you choose to go sightseeing. Whether it’s by car, horseback, ATV or tour bus, Utah offers plenty of ways [...]

The Ultimate Student Learning Experience in Pennsylvania

July 30, 2015

Rich in chocolate and coal and iron mines, this state has a lot to offer. Pennsylvania is home to many firsts. The first American flag, the first baseball stadium, the first computer and the first daily newspaper—but that’s not all it has [...]

Arkansas, Where A Great Student Trip Is All-Natural

July 29, 2015

Arkansas is known as the Natural State for good reason. For most of us, the state’s name conjures up a gentle and temperate scenery of green rolling hills and meandering rivers. But Arkansas has more than bucolic beauty to offer student travel [...]

Sweet Tours and Treats Await Students in Vermont

July 29, 2015

If your students have a sweet-tooth for history and nature, indulge in a trip to the beautiful and educational “Green Mountain State.” Tour historic homes and museums, then sample some of the nation’s sweetest treats—all while having fun [...]

Rhode Island Revolutionizes Trips for Student Visitors

July 29, 2015

Even though Rhode Island is the smallest New England state, it certainly makes up for its small stature in big ways. Home to the “Birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution,” the state has plenty of ways to share its architectural history, [...]

Students in Nevada Discover Past, Present and Future

July 28, 2015

Nevada’s current tourism slogan is “A World Within, A State Apart,” and when it comes to student travel, that couldn’t be more appropriate. Although activities might be geographically near the party capital of the planet, Las Vegas, what [...]

A+ Experiences Await for a Student Trip to Hawaii

July 28, 2015

Hawaii is known for many things: its Polynesian culture, fusion-esque food (from before the time that fusion was a thing), once-on-a-planet ecology, and beaches, surfing and water sports. Given that almost anything on this archipelago can easily [...]

Alaska, America’s Northernmost Student Travel Spot

July 28, 2015

It’s fair to say that Alaska is like nowhere else in this country. It’s north of Canada, for one thing, and it shares a border with Russia. Not to mention that it has the most coastline, the highest mountain and the most wilderness in the United [...]

Student Travel Groups Enchanted by New Mexico

July 27, 2015

Visit this dusty Western state and you’ll find out New Mexico isn’t called the Land of Enchantment for nothing. The state boasts a breathtaking natural landscape and captivating history, thanks to its sweeping desert and Mexican and Native [...]

Student Travel in New Hampshire Rocks

July 24, 2015

As one of the original 13 states, New Hampshire has a rich history rooted in preserving freedom; in fact, their state motto is “Live Free or Die.” However, The Granite State isn’t just known for helping America gain its independence. It is [...]

Wyoming Teaches Students, from History to Natural Science

July 24, 2015

Nature, culture and heritage join forces to paint a beautiful array of colorful fun across the Old West state. Yellowstone National Park has more geysers than any other geyser field in the world. Devils Tower was designated as the first National [...]
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