In most student trips, hotels are just intermediaries between the real activities. They cram into chain hotels just to eat a possibly warm breakfast before driving to the next destination. Chicago, on the other hand, offers hotels that can be as memorable to students as the trip itself. These hotels will charm any student though amenities, location, or a combination of both.

ACME Hotel Company

Few places bore students more than hotels. The cold aesthetics and business suits put young people asleep quicker than any bed. ACME Hotel Company ditches such tradition in favor of style that is modern, trendy, cool, and just hipster enough to capture any creative mind. Walking from ACME’s lobby to a room is an artful experience. The famous lobby mural greets guests as soon as they enter. From there, tenants pass several statues and walk up a stairwell adorned with work by famous Chicago graffiti artist Amuse. Creatively minded students are sure to find inspiration before they even unpack.

ACME’s strange and wonderful culture even extends to the hotel’s amenities. The hotel takes full advantage of available technology. Convenient keyless entry allows guests to use their phone to get in and out of their rooms at will. In addition, every room comes with an amazon echo. Use Alexa to do anything from order some of ACME’s free gourmet Morning Joe Coffee to play music. Students who want to make their own music can instead borrow one of ACME free ESP guitars. The guitars even come with headphones, so musicians avoid disturbing other guests.

ACME even offers a few ways to save a quick buck. The hotel prides itself on the candy and in-room amenities at a fraction the price of other hotels, claiming these items are for comfort and not profit. Outside the hotel’s walls, the ACME insider program works within visitors’ budget to help plan the best possible time on the town. With the creative atmosphere and amenities, few hotels can match ACME’s fun factor.

Crowne Plaza (O’Hare)

Crowne Plaza (O’Hare)

Crowne Plaza (O’Hare). Credit.

Cool amenities are certainly a plus, but groups of students traveling from far away might be looking for something else. After long hours of travel and possible jet lag, many out of state travelers just want to get to their hotel and crash. They might prefer to stay at the Crowne Plaza. It is not only two miles from O’Hare International Airport, but also shuttles run between the airport and hotel every 15 minutes during the day and every 30 minutes late at night.

Proximity to O’Hare is not the only convenient aspect of Crowne Plaza’s location. Attractions like Fashion Outlets of Chicago and Parkway Bank Park Entertainment District are walking distance away. Furthermore, getting to downtown Chicago is as simple as hailing a taxi or boarding the nearby blue line.

Crowne Plaza would be convenient even without its location. Those seeking activity can stop by the heated pool or the fitness center. Hungry patrons can visit the café or the Crowne Plaza’s Chicago Fire Oven Restaurant. The aptly named restaurant uses a stone-fire oven to cook a verity of American food. Visitors too tired to visit a restaurant can take advantage of Crowne Plaza’s 24-hour room service.

The Talbott Hotel

The Talbott Hotel

The Talbott Hotel. Credit.

Staying in the middle of downtown can prove equally convenient as staying near airports and trains. Being able to walk from attraction to attraction allows students to appreciate the city on a different level, but doing so requires a hotel close to many attractions. Most Chicago hotels claim proximity to famous windy city locations, but the Talbott Hotel is merely steps from the Magnificent Mile.

Chicago’s Magnificent Mile is famous for having nearly every kind of shop imaginable, from to electronics to apparel to toys to restaurants. Those without the shopping itch can still visit dozens of attractions. For example, visitors wrap their brain around an escape room and then laugh off the stress at a comedy show. Due to its location near the mile, students could stay at the Talbott for months and still not fully discover all the surrounding attractions.

After visiting the Magnificent Mile, visitors should make time to appreciate the Talbott’s beautiful design and architecture. The floor, the ceiling and everything in between work together to create a European visual flair. The aesthetics feel refined, but they by no means make the Talbott snooty or unattainable. The Talbott features an award winning staff whose friendliness and helpfulness is sure to make anyone feel welcome. Sizeable group discounts also make student visits affordable.

Cambria (Theater District)

Cambria Hotel.

Cambria Hotel. Credit.

For students looking for an experience, few hotels trump the theater district’s Cambria Hotel. The hotel does not just reside in the theater district. It shares a building with Chicago’s famous Ford Oriental Theater. Cambria takes full advantage of its envious location. It partners with the Oriental, as well as Broadway in Chicago, to offer incredible theater packages. These packages often include an overnight stay at the hotel, a show at a theater, and dinner at their restaurant. Some packages even provide hard to obtain tickets to shows like Hamilton.

After the show, students can discuss the show in any one of a multitude of ways. Passionate viewers can have an academic analysis in one of Cambria’s professional meeting rooms. Students can also examine plot over a burger at Cambria’s restaurant, Intermission. They can even head over the game room and discuss the merits of postmodern genre over a game of pool.

Cambria offers more than just packages and amenities to make sure theater nights go off without a hitch. They offer hearty discounts for groups, making any drama class trip more affordable. The hotel also offers private dinners and event spaces, allowing chaperones to customize the trip to fit their needs. These options make a stay at Cambria hotel the perfect night for any drama fiend.