From sweet-sounding blues music exhibits to innovative showcases of Chicago’s architectural landmarks, several of the city’s up-and-coming attractions will be sure to captivate students visiting Chicago.

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The Science Behind Pixar at MSI

The Science Behind Pixar at MSI. © Nicolaus Czarnecki

Until January 6, 2019, the Museum of Science and Industry will be showcasing The Science Behind Pixar, an interactive exhibition emphasizing science, technology, engineering and mathematics ideas that Pixar artists and computer scientists use to make creative characters. The exhibit explains eight steps of the filmmaking process, and goes into extensive detail about how Pixar brings characters to life with innovative techniques. Students would undoubtedly approach the exhibit with eager eyes and open minds to see how their favorite childhood characters came to be.

Amplified Chicago Blues at the Chicago History Museum

Experience Chicago’s rich history in music and blues at its exhibit Amplified Chicago Blues, which runs until August 10, 2019. Just a few artist spotlights include Muddy Waters, Koko Taylor and Magic Sam. The showcase will display the photography and sounds of southern African American migrants who brought the smooth blues sound to Chicago. Students will have the chance to immerse themselves in the eclectic blues harmonies of the 1960’s, a time that welcomed not only new music, but new cultures to Chicago as well.

Chicago Architecture Center (CAC)

Chicago Architecture Center. Credit.

Chicago Architecture Center. Credit.

Students have the chance to learn more about the famous architecture that Chicago has to offer. Located at the intersection of Michigan Avenue and Wacker Drive, the CAC will span 20,000 square feet and will be a hub for finding out interesting facts about the design and building techniques of Chicago architects throughout history. Students will have this grand opportunity to participate in docent-led tours, inventive programs and hands-on displays of architectural models.

Chicago Music Hall of Fame

Opened in fall of 2018, owner of the renowned Arcada Theatre Ron Onesti plans to develop the new Chicago Music Hall of Fame, which will document the successes of numerous Chicago-based musicians. Artists from all backgrounds, from pop, rock, jazz, blues, rock and a plethora of other genres, will be showcased, and whether you’re a fan of musical legends or more modern singers, the Hall of Fame will cover all musical categories. Located at 1431 West Taylor Street, the Music Hall of Fame will be surrounded by the rich culture of Chicago’s Little Italy.

Vivian Suter: El Bosque Interior at the Art Institute

Art Institute of Chicago. Credit.

The Art Institute of Chicago will be presenting Vivian Suter: El Bosque Interior, emphasizing the Argentinian-Swiss artist’s contributions to abstract art. Students will have the chance to experience Suter’s abstract paintings that mirror the Guatemalan rainforest that surrounded her own home. Suter’s paintings incorporate the culture of Guatemala and the natural beauty of organic mediums to create spectacular, captivating pieces. After a busy day of band or choir practice, students would gladly receive the opportunity to absorb the mesmerizing works of art produced by Suter.