Christopher Hall, a student at Felician University in New Jersey, has the amazing opportunity to travel to Antarctica.

Hall is a Marketing and Business Development Intern with P3 Global Management and was asked to come to Antarctica with 2041 Foundation. This Foundation was established by Robert Swan who was the first man to walk across both the poles. The Foundation was started to help preserve Antarctica. The group promotes recycling, renewable energy and hopes to help reduce the issues with climate change.

The 2041 Foundation takes about 150 people from around the world to Antarctica each year. These trips are aimed to help the travelers obtain leadership skills though their many adventures in Antarctica. The group is united in their common interest to protect life in any and all forms whether it is through family, community, organizations or the planet.

President Dr. Anne Prisco is very excited for Hall to have the opportunity to go on this trip. She can’t wait until he is back to share his experiences and adventures with the whole community at Felician University.