Washburn students’ photographs of their experiences from their trip to India were displayed for a week in the Art Gallery to inspire others to travel abroad.

The students visited many Indian cities like Mumbai, Pune and Ajanta. They also saw the Taj Mahal and the Ellora caves. Various Washburn professors led this three-week trip to India over winter break. They started planning this trip about ten years ago, but because of the terrorists attacks, it had to be put on hold.

Any students at Washburn were welcome to go on this trip, so there were a variety of ages and majors that attended. Photographs have only been exhibited one other time from a trip Washburn students took to Peru. The photographs show the students’ amazing experiences they had on their trips. Washburn is already beginning to plan their next trip to India.

Professor Azyz Sharafy, who helped lead the trip, hopes that the display of photographs in the gallery will make more students want to come on the next trip. She also hopes that it will open the eyes of students who have never left the United States before and inspire them to study abroad.