Culture and Education in Cosmopolitan Cities

Though there is a lot of paperwork and preparation for studying abroad, the cultural and educational opportunities will help students grow independently and provide unique experiences to help them stand out to employers. Whenever approaching international travel, it is important to check for any travel advisories. Many universities offer accommodations on- or off-campus or in a homestay. In some cases, living arrangements need to be made separately. Each school has program offers for undergraduate, short-term, long-term, graduate and research studies. These are the best rated universities and historic cities to study abroad in Asia

National University of Singapore

National University of Singapore Mascot (Credit)

National University of Singapore – Singapore

A top-ranked university in Asia, this college was founded over 100 years ago and offers a global community experience. Modules through the school focus on Southeast Asian languages, culture, engineering and technology. Singapore speaks several languages including English and offers a warm climate year-round. The university is located on the coast near popular attractions such as beaches, Universal Studios Singapore and botanic gardens. The country is very accessible, with students able to improve their education and explore the culture of Singapore. 

Seoul National University – Korea

One of Korea’s most prestigious universities has a focus on liberal arts and many cultural programs to engage students. The university’s main campus is in Gwanak, an hour away from the vibrant area of downtown Seoul. The educational opportunities at the school follow American college programs of humanities, medicine, fine art, social sciences, education, business administration and engineering along with intensive Korean language courses and cultural programs for international students. Students can explore culture in Korea through historical castles, temples and famous Korean cuisine while expanding their degree of experience.  

Kyoto University

The City of Kyoto (Credit)

Kyoto University – Japan

At the second oldest Japanese university, students can discover a rich culture and language through international travel, study and living. At this high-ranked university, students are placed in Japanese language courses, with options for classes in Japanese culture, environmental studies, social studies, physics, politics and economics. With a location in the center of the historical city of Kyoto, students are immersed in a town that strives to maintain its cultural history. Japanese history and culture are easy to explore in the nearby imperial palace, historic Higashiyama district, temples and shrines in this cultural capital of Japan. 

Universiti of Malaya

University of Malaya Campus Building (Credit)

University of Malaya – Malaysia

One of the highest-ranking universities in Malaysia, this school houses higher education and Rimba Ilmu botanic gardens. Students can study subjects such as environment, arts, cultural dance and song, computer science, business, social sciences, economics, engineering, Islamic studies, Malay studies, law and science. Located in the capital city of Malaysia, this campus offers a diverse local population of Tamil, Chinese, Malay and indigenous inhabitants. Surrounded by tourist attractions such as historical temples, mosques, parks, modern skyscrapers and famed food markets, students have their pick of cultural exploration opportunities. 

Taiwan University

Taiwan University Social Sciences Library (Credit)

National Taiwan University – Taiwan

Students can learn and grow at one of the most comprehensive universities in Taiwan, where they can improve their Chinese language skills while exploring local culture. This school boasts the largest library in Taiwan, with four million volumes. Education thrives through different programs such as liberal arts, Chinese language, science, social sciences, agriculture, engineering, public health, management, law and life sciences. Located in the bustling city of Taipei, here students don’t have to travel far for cultural experiences like hiking the elephant mountain for views of the city, tasting the delicious foods of night markets and soaking in hot springs by a dormant volcano. 

The University of Hong Kong – China

At the oldest tertiary institution in Hong Kong, students may explore international cultural exchange at a high-ranking university. Programs of study include architecture, arts, business, economics, dentistry, education, engineering, law, medicine, science, social studies, Chinese language and culture. Students can explore nearby attractions such as Hong Kong Disneyland, horse racing and cultural festivals that occur almost year-round. The university has flexible learning plans, that cater to students from over 100 countries to learn and explore Hong Kong. 

Humayun's tomb New Delhi

Humayun’s Tomb New Delhi (Credit)

Indian Institute of Technology – India

This technical and research university is a premier destination for students who wish to advance their learning in math or science. Course departments include applied mechanics, biomedical engineering and biotechnology, chemical engineering, chemistry, civil engineering, computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, materials science, mathematics and textile technology. Along with its wide array of course selection, the school offers several recreation centers for sports and on-campus hostels. Located in the historic capital of New Delhi, here students can explore street food, Humayun’s Tomb, hear devotional music qawwalis, shop in the bazaars of Old Delhi and visit the National Museum to view Indian art exhibits. 

Chulalongkorn University Thailand

Chulalongkorn University Campus (Credit)

Chulalongkorn University – Thailand

At the oldest institute of higher learning in Thailand, students can participate in this research-intensive university while immersing themselves in Thai culture. Some undergraduate programs include international business, language and culture, nano-engineering, robotics and artificial intelligence engineering, architectural design, aerospace engineering, automotive design, manufacturing and communication management. Centrally located in the capital city of Bangkok, the university is close to cultural attractions such as the Ancient city, many historic Buddhist temples, Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World and Grand Palace Wat Phra Kaew. 

Silliman University – Philippines

A national landmark and the school with the most accredited programs in the Philippines, Silliman University is home to 300 international students per year. Studies include the usual programs such as law, business and marketing, agriculture, arts and sciences, engineering and medical as well as unique ones like divinity, public affairs, governance and performing arts. The campus features centuries-old acacia trees while being located in a tourist city and minutes away from the airport. Along the coast of Dumaguete, students can see museums, an 18th century belfry and national parks with several waterfalls. International students can explore the nature and culture of the Philippines at this prestigious university. 

Ho Chi Minh City Views

Ho Chi Minh City Views (Credit)

Vietnam National University – Vietnam

A fairly new school established in 1995 and formerly known as Saigon University, this is one of the two largest universities in Vietnam. Fields of study include subjects such as international relations, developmental science, security, language, culture, history, economics and politics. Students will be immersed in Southeast Asian studies at this cross-cultural university. Travel to Ho Chi Minh City attractions such as a Buddhist cultural theme park, Buddhist temples, the Independence Palace and War Remnants museum. The travel abroad program offers excursions to local places and up north to Hanoi. Students explore and learn in a city rich with cultural history while learning Vietnamese language and culture.